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The Complete Spaw Day

These spaws packages allow additional customization to fit your pup's unique needs. Add any of these luxurious packages to any service!

Please indicate during the booking process which add on you would like to add to your dog's service.

Image by Heather Ford

Lavender Dreaming

This spaw package is designed to help provide the most comfortable and calming grooming experience. This package includes a lavender shampoo and conditioner, lavender nose and paw balm and lavender essential oils added to the bath and defused during the visit. 

-$20 Additionally-

Image by micheile dot com

Oats and Honey 

This spa package is a homemade blend of oat milk, oats, large grain sugar and honey that exfoliated the skin, helps remove excess oils and leaves your pup soft and silky. The exfoliant is followed by a oat and honey shampoo and deep coat conditioner, as well as an oat nose and paw balm.  Great for dogs with itchy skin, or dry/overly oily coats.

-$20 Additionally-

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Bug me no more

Got lice? Got ticks? Got fleas? 

No worries! This package comes with a flea and tick shampoo solution, as well as a deep coat conditioner to help restore the skin and coat. Followed by a meticulous comb-through to remove any critters. Lastly, an application of bug deterrent is placed (good for one month)

***Disclaimer. This treatment can potentially be dangerous to dogs with underlings health concerns and is toxic to cats. Consult vet with any questions. 

-$35 to $50 Additionally-

Our Services

Forms of payment? Cash is preferred, credit and debt cards are accepted. As well as Paypal and Apple Pay.

As of 2023, Venmo is no longer accepted

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