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Forms of Payment that are accepted?

Cash is preferred!

Credit and debt cards, as well as Apple Pay and Venmo are accepted.

How often should my dog get groomed?

To ensure healthy coat and skin, as well as to maintain nail growth, a grooming service is recommended for all dogs every six to eight weeks. A routine grooming schedule will not only keep your pet fresh and clean, but will also allow for your pet to gain a familiarity and comfort in their spaw day. 

What if my pet has health or behavioral concerns?

Each and every pet, regardless of their grooming history is welcome at my salon. Medical concerns are taken extremely seriously and partnership with your vet can do done if needed. Whereas, with behavioral concerns, accommodations are available to best provide a safe and happy grooming experience. Medicated pets are welcome.

How long does a grooming service take? And do I leave my dog?

Each grooming service can range from an hour to two hours. During which, you will leave your pet in my care and return when their service is completed. Please note, that this is a small salon and timely pick up and drop off of your pet is required. Extended stay (ie daycare) is not offered, although if accommodations are needed this may be prearranged prior to your appointment time.

What if I can't make it to my appointment? 

 In order to ensure that all clients receive the one on one care they deserve, arriving to your appointment on time and picking up in a timely manner after the service is complete is very important. A 24 hour notice for cancellation is required, and no showed appointments will require a deposit to book any future appointments. A delay in pick up by 30 minutes or more will also result in additional fees as well. 

Why is there a price increase?

To insure that I can provide the very best experience possible, a rate increase was necessary. This allows the budget to provide the very best shampoo and conditioner, grooming tool maintenance and salon safety. It also insures that I can provide the very best spaw experience for you and your pet. I appreciate you supporting me and my salon!

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