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Our Services

All services include the following: A hand-scrub bath in high quality shampoo that is catered to your dog's unique needs, followed by a deep coat conditioner. A berry scented facial to help remove discoloration and oils. Followed by hand drying to fluff the coat for a haircut custom to your preferences, or a through brush out depending on the service being preformed. Nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning and plucking, and anal gland expression if needed. Finished with a bandana or bow and a spritz of dog perfume. 

*Excludes 'Just the Nails" service 

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Puppy's First Groom

Puppy's first groom is the chance to introduce puppy to the grooming process in a gentle and loving way. This service comes with a light clean up around the face and feet, a bath, nails and ear cleaning. All done in a way that makes the first grooming experience a positive and fun thing! Setting your pup up for future grooming success.

To make an appointment 

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